Parents are their children's first and most influential teachers. With the demands of today's work world, most young children are cared for by someone other than one of their parents prior to entering kindergarten. The quality of early care and education matters - whether it is provided by grandparents, a neighbor, or a childcare center. High quality early care and education provides safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for infants and young children. Children who receive high quality early care and educaiton have strong learning, language and social skills when they enter school.

Quality: What It Looks Like

The quality of a child's future depends on the quality of of caregiving in the first five years. This is particularly true of our most at-risk children. Benefits that accrue from a first rate early learning experience come only if the setting is safe, healthy, stimulating, thoughtful, organized, and -perhaps most importan- led by well-trained, attentive teachers or caregivers.