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High-Quality Child Care Matters

Finding the right early care and education setting for your child is a big decision. High-quality child care is important to a child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

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Locating child care

Finding and choosing the licensed child care, preschool or school-age only setting that is right for your child and family can be challenging. Great Start to Quality makes your search for licensed child care, preschool and school-age only programs easier, gives you tips to make an informed decision and the confidence of knowing you chose the care in your area that best suits your family’s needs.  

Visit Great Start to Quality’s website to easily search for the best early learning setting for your child.

Child care 101

It is important for you to understand the different types of care available for your child, and to know the criteria a program needs to meet to fit your needs. Great Start to Quality gives you information and resources needed to determine the best type of care for your child.


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child care resources

Help with childcare is available to parents who meet eligibility requirements to receive assistance with the costs of accessing high-quality child care. The resources will help you understand if you are eligible, how to apply, and how to select the right child care provider.

Interested in becoming a licensed child care provider?

Child care providers have a profound impact on a child’s learning and development. Licensed child care in Michigan can take place in a family child care home (a private home licensed to care for up to 6 children at a time), a group child care home (a private home licensed to care for up to 12 children at a time), or a child care center (a facility, other than a private home, licensed to care for one or more children). License-exempt providers include relatives or providers caring for children in the child’s home.

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